The 5 funniest HR Morning stories … ever

Between the Supreme Court’s landmark Obamacare and same-sex marriage rulings — plus the DOL’s official release of its new overtime exemption rules — it’s been an intense couple of weeks for HR pros. So we’ve decided to lighten the mood in the wake of the holiday weekend. Enjoy these gems. 

The most popular gut-busters from HR Morning’s archives:

The year’s 25 strangest interview questions

Some companies love throwing curveball questions to candidates during interviews — and these are the weirdest ones we’ve ever seen. Check ’em out …


10 unforgettable lies HR has discovered on resumes

More than half of HR pros (51%) said they’d automatically dismiss a candidate if they found a lie on a person’s resume. So it’s likely these applicants are still job hunting. Just look at the fibs they told …


12 terrible excuses employees actually used for being late

A dozen HR professionals and hiring managers shared excuses they’d heard from employees arriving late to work that are so horrible, they’re awesome. Check ’em out …


The 30 worst/funniest phrases to ruin a job interview

One of the latest (and funniest) trends to hit Twitter: Users sharing what phrases they could use to ruin a perfectly good job interview. And people have posted some real gems that you, as HR pros, will probably appreciate more than most. Get a load of these … 


‘Why did you bother?’: The 7 worst holiday gifts from bosses

These managers might have been better off getting their employees a really nice card instead of these holiday gift atrocities. Look at what they gave employees …

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